1. Protect home and its interior furnishings during heating seasons
  2. Eliminate dry air that can irritate and inflame respiratory passages in the nose and throat 
  3. Relieve the discomforts of colds and the flu 
  4. Reduce undesired static electricity in winters caused by low humidity levels
  5. Reduce heating bills by being more energy efficient
  6. Prevent structural damage to your home and possessions

Our Humidifiers are

  1. one of the highest capacity residential humidifiers on the market 
  2. can transport up to 34.6 gallons of water to air every day and cover up to 6,200 square feet of area
  3. a minimal number of components
  4. able to be used in homes without duct work because of an available fan pack
  5. installed as a part of the home's heating and cooling system, so humidified air travels to every room of your home
  6. installed by your local heating and cooling specialist
  7. provide 24/7 optimal humidity levels
  8. automatically measures outdoor temperature and indoor humidity to produce the ideal amount of indoor relative humidity 
  9. contains manual option
  10. features digital touch screen display and indicators to illustrate humidity levels, operation status, and any service needs
  11. small number of call backs
  12. requires little upkeep and attention 
  13. manages temperature, air purity and freshness